Green Steel Group is one of the leading producers of metal fibers and wools in the World: our main products are steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, zinc and aluminium fibers and wools.

We supply fibers to the most important brake pads producers worldwide. Our aim is to constantly innovate both the production process and our range of products. With its mechanical and technological know-how, our research and development department works everyday to implement new products and alloys to meet our customers’ expectations.

the leading producer of metal fibers and wools
Our history dates back to 1944, when we started producing steel wool for the household products industry.

Since the early years, all the machines for the production of metal fibers and wools have been completely designed and built by C.M.S., an internal division of the Group based in Italy. This technical know-how keeps our mechanical and technological equipment in constant evolution, granting the highest levels of productivity and quality.

wools for household products industry
Our Group strongly believes in the importance of quality, for both our equipment and our products.

Our laboratories constantly check all our fibers and wools during the production process, with both screen and volume analyses. The Quality Management System of the Group conforms to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standards. For us, green is not just part of our name, it’s the focal point of our mission: our commitment to reaching the highest standards of quality is based on a deep respect for the environment.

equipment and products
Green Steel Group in the world
Green Steel Solana Oggiono, Italy
Green Steel Solana is the founding company of the Group. Located near Milan, it hosts the Italian commercial offices and a production plant.
C.M.S. Oggiono, Italy
C.M.S. is the technical division of the Group, where all our machines and mills are designed and built in coordination with our R&D department.
Green Steel España Barcelona, Spain
Green Steel España is a commercial company that furthers the presence of the Group in the South European and Latin American markets.
Green Steel Poland Bielawy, Poland
Green Steel Poland is a production company specialized in steel wools and fibers, equipped with drawing machines for the production of steel wire.
Tianjin Green Steel Metal Fibers Jixian, China
Tianjin Green Steel Metal Fibers is specialized in the production of copper and brass fibers, aimed at expanding the presence of the Group in Asia.
Green Steel Egypt 10th of ramadan city, Egypt
Green Steel Egypt, a partnership with Egyptian Metal Fibers Inc., is a company specialized in the production of steel fibers based near Cairo.
Green Steel Bosnia Ilijas, Bosnia
Green Steel Bosnia, a partnership with Frimeco Produktions, is a company specialized in the production of steel fibers based near Sarajevo.